Annapolis – Mini Session with Kate

When Kate contacted me about taking a few snaps of her for her graduate school program, I was excited to stretch myself a bit for something I haven’t done before — headshot-type pictures! And when Kate said she wanted to take them in Annapolis I was even more excited!! Annapolis is such a gorgeous place for pictures and if you walk around a bit you can get some variety in the background of your pictures that is amazing! We only had a half hour but we still got to walk around a bit and it was great getting to talk to Kate and hear about her job, her graduate program and her love for Annapolis! This girl seriously has the most gorgeous blue eyes and she’s so easy to photograph–she’s a natural!:) 
  Good luck in grad school, Kate!! Can’t wait to hang out in Annapolis with you again!:)  jm

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Kentlands Mansion – Kate Spade Styled Bridal Brunch Shoot

Those of you who know me may know of my slight obsession with Kate Spade. It might be the bright colors, the glitter or the cheeky attitude of her style, but I love it all the same!! And when the opportunity came along to combine some Kate Spade style with a styled shoot I was decidedly in! Working with Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events to put together this Kate Spade inspired bridal brunch shoot was fantastic!:)Gorgeous girls, colorful details and delicious treats made for one amazing shoot! But don’t take my word for it–take a look at it for yourself!



Go check out the amazing vendors who made this shoot so beautiful and leave them some love!!


Event Design: Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events (

Event Design Assisting: Alex of Alex Meyer Events (

Venue: Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg, MD (

Make-up and Hair Styling: Jordan Winn of Jordan K Winn & Co. (

Paper Goods: Shannon of Shannon Joy Paperie (

Florals: Hannah of Botanigal Florals (

Glitter Tumbler: The Joyful Peach Shop (

“Bridesmaid” Macarons: Swallow My Words (

Other Assorted Macarons: The Sweet Lobby (


And a shout out to the lovely Jess Bulloss of Bulloss Photography! She and her husband Will drove all the way up from Virginia to be a part of the shoot! Go check them out at Jess took some pretty rad pictures of the shoot and Will helped out moving stuff around.:)You can see some behind the scenes images at:!


Have a gorgeous week everybody!


Jessica Bulloss

Love it!!! Beautiful photos!! :D


Really love those dishes…and the ‘behind the scene images’ at Great Job!


Love it! Looks beautiful!

I absolutely LOVE this shoot! Ah! Kate Spade is one of my favorites!


I love Kate Spade and this did not disappoint! So cute + vibrant. Great job!

I’m so proud of you! This is STUNNING!

[…] having me and sharing all the fun!! I loved seeing your photos on Bayside Bride and reading your post!!! […]

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Bucket List Blessings: The J* Workshop – DC

Welcome, friends, to the first installment of Bucket List Blessings! Last year was amazing in so many ways, not the least of which was starting Jeana M. Photography! This year is shaping up to be even more fantastic than last year and I’m so excited to share all of these blessings with you all.:DFirst off: the Jasmine Star Workshop in DC! I was so incredibly excited when I saw the announcement for the traveling J* Workshops and when I found out that I would be able to go I was downright ecstatic!! Seriously, are you seeing all these exclamation marks?? (Apologies to all of my friends and family who had to deal with my random outbursts–”I’m going to a Jasmine Star Workshop! Guys, it’s happening! Guys, it’s next month! It’s next week–what am I going to wear?!”) When the day finally came, I was incredibly nervous but also so thrilled to get the show on the road!!


I met so many amazing photographers, more than a few of them locals (yay!), learned an incredible amount of things (so many notes!), and took some pictures of an adorable couple (giggles + kisses!). I was so inspired hearing Jasmine talk about her passion for her business and hearing so many different perspectives and I look forward to shaking things up a bit. It was a great reminder to keep things fresh!!



Seriously, how gorgeous and in love are these two?! They were just naturals.






It was also amazing to meet JD, Jasmine’s hubby and teammate! When I wanted to up my assisting game and prep myself to be the best second shooter I could be, I watched JD’s (and Jasmine’s) Creative Live second shooting course. After that, I packed up my gear bag with first aid, bobby pins, safety pins, spare water bottles, spare snacks, and tissues and wowed the photographer I was assisting with my ready-for-anything attitude! Watching these two work together was a definite highlight.




Thank you so much Jasmine and JD for coming out to DC and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us! And thank you to all the other workshop participants for your traveling and sharing your amazing perspectives with the workshop!! You all made it amazing!


Extra thank you’s go out to those who helped make the shoot fabulous:

-Brian and Ana (our ridiculously good-looking couple!)

-Kristine Marie Artistry (

-Ashley from Up Do’s for I Do’s (

-Highway to Hill flowers (

-Ellie’s Bridal Boutique for the beautiful Mikaella dress (



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Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa: Elizabeth + Doug’s One Year Anniversary

I remember a little over a year ago when I woke up at 7:30 am, curled my hair and put on some sweats, and picked up 100+ cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake to drive to Chesapeake Beach for Elizabeth and Doug’s wedding. That day was a giant celebration of two amazing people tying the knot and partying down with with family and friends and it’ll always be one of my favorite memories. (: They’ve both taught me so much about being a great friend, keeping a sense of humor, and working at having an awesome relationship with another person. I was so blessed to be able to spend some time with them on their anniversary and take some pictures of their beautiful selves! Seriously, these two are models, take a look for yourselves!


I look forward to seeing Elizabeth and Doug cross many more milestones together and getting to celebrate all the amazing parts of life with them! These two have amazing things ahead of them! <3



These are great Jeana!!

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All Grown Up: The Day my Little Brother Graduated College

My little brother graduated from college this past week. Yes, he’s not so little, only a year younger than me, but to me he’s always been my baby brother. I swore that I wouldn’t cry the whole day (even though I secretly suspected that it was a good possibility). As I watched him walk across the stage, I was filled with so much joy and pride that I actually probably would have cried–if I wasn’t so dang excited for him!! I whooped and yelled his name (and tried to keep my camera as steady as possible so I could actually get a picture of him accepting his fake diploma). I couldn’t believe the day was actually here, both of us graduated and working in the real world. From loving each other as toddlers, to constantly fighting through the middle-school years, to eventually becoming those siblings that love each other so much it’s almost awkward around strangers (how many times have people asked if we’re dating??), I’ve got the best brother around and I’m so incredibly proud of what you’ve chosen to pursue in life. Whether you end up in the next county over or across the globe with your Criminal Justice degree, you’re going to be amazing at what you do and will always have people who look out for and up to you because of your warm personality and your awesome work ethic. I’ll stop the sappy-ness and share some pictures of my brother, MJ, at his senior portraits and his graduation from University of Maryland! (Be prepared–there are lots.)




If you haven’t ever met my family, you can probably get a good idea of what we’re like from our pictures.:)We can behave ourselves for a while, but eventually, there are going to be some goofy ones in there! And now…onto the big day! It was HOT that day, but this kid was ready to graduate!!




More family portraits were taken as we waited to be let into the building. My grandma (Nonnie as we call her) came out for the occasion and got in on a few pictures.:)



And you may recognize this lovely girl from her senior pictures! Melissa graduated the week before and came out for MJ’s graduation this week. (And she got a brand new hair cut–isn’t it gorgeous?!!)



And Melissa helped me out by taking some pictures so that I could get in a few as well.:)



She also took these lovely family portraits that are pretty accurate of how we are everyday.:)Thanks, Melissa!!




And then it was time to graduate!!



He even got to take a picture with one of his professors!




I’m so proud of this kid! MJ you are the best little brother a girl could ask for. I’m so blessed to have someone who I can talk to, who looks out for me, who’s always ready for some crazy antics, and who I can celebrate all of the big moments of life with. <3 Congratulations on graduating, I can’t wait to see what life has next for us!:)


Thanks everybody for sharing a bit in some personal moments of my life.:)I’m so happy to share my brother’s accomplishments, if you can’t tell, I think he’s pretty amazing. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!!



Congratulations to your brother!! Love these images!!

I loved this post! It feels like I know your family now! :)

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