Mentoring Session with Natalie Franke Photography

Hello and happy snow day to all my local friends!:)Today’s a record day for crazy Maryland weather. But that’s a good thing! Not only does it mean us working folks get one of those elusive snow days, but I get to sit down and write a post to share something awesome that I got to do recently!

I had the incredible experience of a one-on-one mentoring session with the amazing Natalie of Natalie Franke Photography! Seriously, this girl is adorable and crazy-good at what she does. And the best part was, thanks to the weird Maryland snowy weather we’ve been having, I got to hang out with Natalie twice!! Part one consisted of a visit to Natalie’s home where we got to sit down and chat about sooo many things. We talked about business stuff, camera settings, photography ideas, and our inspiration for why we do what we do. Yeah we talked for a few hours and we may have gotten a tad emotional (one more reason I love you, Nat!), but I could have spent a whole day chatting with this girl! I learned so much, gained a little more insight into why I truly love photography, especially wedding photography, and had an absolute blast. I left more excited about my photography and my business, and more confident in my creativity to continue doing what I’m doing. You are both an inspiring presence and a strengthening one so thank you, thank you, thank you, Natalie.

Part two came next: headshots! A few weeks later, I met Natalie out in Annapolis to take some headshots and learn a little more about how she shoots out in the real world. I haven’t spent a lot of time in that area, but let me tell you, once it gets a bit warmer I’ll be gassing up my car to take more frequent visits–it’s gorgeous!! I may have been a tad nervous about spending some time on the other side of the lens, but Natalie’s excitement and warm, bubbly personality would get even the Grinch to loosen up in front of a camera! We spent a little time by the Maryland State House before heading down to the docks, and I’m so excited to share these beautiful pictures with you all! Excuse me while I go change my profile picture on every social media platform I have access to…


I feel so refreshed and excited to keep doing what I love doing! I look forward to getting to meet and work with more photographers in the future, to keeping in touch with Natalie, and to continue having my camera glued to my face every time something pretty is happening. This is an amazing industry that I’ve become a part of and I’m so blessed to have made friends with some of these lovely people!:)So thank you Natalie for your encouragement and for welcoming me into the family. And thank you to all of you for your support and your beautiful faces that I get to photograph!! I can’t wait to see what else this year holds!

P.S. All photo credit goes to Natalie Franke Photography, duh.;)


You are such a sweetheart and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to get to meet you, know you, and become friends! I can’t wait to see where your business takes you this year! Sending you huge hugs! xo!

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Catching Up + Holiday Deals!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on what’s been going on, so let’s catch up! Things have been a tad busy while I started a new job with over an hour-long metro commute (I’ve read so many books on the metro though!). And in the midst of that craziness, I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Beatrice around the University of Maryland campus (her name may sound familiar–she won the giveaway from a bit ago!). We had gorgeous light from start to finish and I’m so happy that I got to see the campus from Beatrice’s point of view! After three years at UMD, I never really saw the tree-lined sidewalks in all their glory until this shoot. And really, they’re amazing!




And we made sure to get some gorgeous fall colors in there!! Love that the once patch of grass and trees that we found that still had a bunch of colorful leaves was right in front of the Art/Sociology building–my former home on campus!:)



And finally, Beatrice told me that she wanted pictures in the fountain on the mall on campus. Let me tell you, that day may have been surprisingly warm, but that water sure wasn’t!! Beatrice handled it like a pro.



I’m seriously in love with all of these pictures and I’m so glad that I got the chance to photograph Beatrice around campus–girl, you are gorgeous!!


In other photo-related news, I’ve decided to offer some Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday photo session deals! Starting on Thanksgiving (November 28th) and ending midnight on Small Business Saturday (November 30th) I will be offering $400 photo sessions (up to 1.5 hours with all digital images, edited) and $200 mini sessions (up to 45 minutes with all digital images, edited). All you have to do is make sure that you confirm the booking and put down a retainer of at least half of the cost of the session (or all of it if you want!) during those three days and the deal is yours my friend! If you are interested, you don’t have to wait until then to contact me with any questions, go ahead and email me anytime between now and then at


Happy start of the holidays!!:D


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Styled Shoot – University of Maryland

I’ve been talking about it for months. It was weeks of planning, a day of semi-craziness, and weeks more of recovering. Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad dramatic.;)As many of you know, a couple weeks ago I photographed a styled shoot that I spent the previous month or so coordinating. It. Was. Awesome. I can go on and on about how amazing the vendors are, how beautiful the models are, and how perfectly things came together, but maybe I’ll just show you! (Be prepared for many uses of the words “beautiful”, “awesome”, “gorgeous”, etc.)

The day started out with the lovely ladies of Jordan K. Winn & Co. meeting me and my models at the University of Maryland, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. This place is a gorgeous wedding venue. And the bridal suite and groom’s room are just as beautiful! Here are my three lovely female models: the bride Laura and the bridesmaids Melissa and Kate. They’re getting ready in the bridal suite which is a beautiful library! And anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good library.



Meanwhile, the guys got all gussied up and hung out in the groom’s room. These guys are Mike (groom) and MJ and Brandyn (groomsmen). All of our Maryland and Terp-themed accessories were loaned by Route One Apparel, and you can just look and see how awesome they are. I seriously wanted to take everything home with me (and so did the models)!


I took a little break and grabbed Laura’s dress and our lovely paper goods from Sara Metzger for some pictures. Fun fact: this is Laura’s actual wedding dress from when she married Mike back in July! What cuties! These are my favorites of that bunch:


Then it was time for the girls to get dressed and for the main portion of the shoot to get going! We stopped to take a couple bridal portraits in the bridal suite:)Isn’t she gorgeous??? Mike, you are a lucky man!;)


Okay, so this may have been the models’ favorite part of the shoot…cupcake time!! I’m pretty sure the only reason they all agreed to do this shoot was for the free cupcakes (haha, I kid, I kid!). These mini cupcakes came from Cheryl over at Savvy Treats and they were delish!! I may or may not have taken all the rest home with me…



Next, we went inside for a bit to take some pictures with the gorgeous table set up provided by Caribbean Caterers. Those linens were gorgeous!! And the place cards were provided by the lovely Sara Metzger.:)


By the way, those sparkly rings that Mike and Laura are wearing were a contribution from the folks over at Treasure Trove Jewelers. They’re super nice people and, as you can see, they have gorgeous jewelry!

After a bit inside we went back out for one of my personal favorite parts of the day: the girls’ portraits and details. The gardens at Riggs Alumni Center are beautiful. I could just sit out there for hours (preferably with a book I borrowed from the library!). I rented the gold dresses that Melissa and Kate are wearing from Rent the Runway, which is an awesome online designer dress rental service. I may have been jealous that the girls got to wear them, but they just look so pretty that I don’t care!! And I can’t get over the beautiful hair and makeup from Jordan K. Winn & Co. Seriously, I just..I can’t…

And the girls also got some lovely accessories from Route One Apparel!


And here’s a closer look at those classy stunners from Treasure Trove Jewelers (I actually got to pick these out and I may or may not have  walked around my house a bit with that ring on;)I mean, can you blame me??)

The beautiful stationary from Sara Metzger perfectly complimented the florals and rings! That girl is truly talented. When I need to update my custom stationary, I know who I’m going to!

We started losing our light, but we knew that there were just a few more pictures we had to get while we were there, and if you’re a Terp, you know exactly where this is going…Testudo!! We goofed off a bit (mini cupcakes will only get you so far, people) but got a few good pics with the ole Testudo!

And these last two are just pure magic…


Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys here! I hope you liked them! I’m absolutely obsessed, I may have to make myself an album of these.:)Take some time and check out the vendors involved in this shoot, they’re all amazing, talented people and clearly they’re great at what they do!!


Special Thanks To:

Venue: Angela Dimopoulos – University of Maryland, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center

Accessories: Ali – Route One Apparel

Cupcakes: Cheryl – Savvy Treats

Paper Goods: Sara Metzger

Hair and Makeup: Jordan K. Winn & Co.

Table Linens and Settings: Caribbean Caterers

Engagement and Wedding Rings: Treasure Trove Jewelers

Bridesmaid Dresses: rented from Rent the Runway

Models: Laura (bride), Mike (groom), Melissa (bridesmaid and boutonniere-maker), Kate (bridesmaid and bouquet-maker), MJ (groomsmen), Brandyn (groomsmen)

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Family Session – Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend I ventured out to a place I haven’t been in a good long while – a pumpkin patch! I met up with a family and their adorable newly-turned one year old, Rosario. Seriously, this kid is adorable. To say the least, I was pretty excited! Rosario’s mom suggested Crumland Farms in Frederick, and it was perfect! Before we hopped on the hayride to the pumpkin patch, Rosario discovered a bunch of huuuugggeee pumpkins! They were fun for climbing.:)


Then we were off to the pumpkin patch! Also, Rosario is the cutest little model. Seriously, this kid should be in ads, especially with that adorable monkey hat!!



Once we got to the patch, Rosario and his parents went around in search for the perfect pumpkin. And Rosario found one that was the perfect size for him!



Before we rode back to the main part of the farm, Rosario actually ended up getting two perfect-sized pumpkins! Lucky kiddo. Also, he was super cute on the ride back with his mom. (I think he was being extra nice for that extra pumpkin;))



After a few pictures with the whole family (grandma and grandpa were there too!) we went back out to explore a bit more of the farm. This place was super cool, I’m really hoping to go back before all the pumpkins are gone!!



We ended with a few pictures in front of a gorgeous red and blue shed. All in all, it was a great day! A little chilly, a little overcast, but a lot of fun and beautiful pictures!! I’ll end on one of Rosario enjoying one of the many big, open spaces on the farm…



Happy fall everyone!!


xo jeana m

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Pretty Settings, Pretty People: Styled Photo Shoots

This month I helped to style and assisted at the styled wedding photo shoot of a local fellow photographer. It was crazy, it was hectic, it was HOT, but it was so incredibly amazing that the compulsive planner in me decided something. I wanted to plan and photograph one of my own! So for about the past month or so, I’ve been planning and contacting vendors and combing Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration. And now I’m happy to be able to give you all a few details!

I’m planning an alumni-themed styled wedding photo shoot at the University of Maryland for next month! Everything has been coming together so nicely and I’ve met such great people who are as excited to contribute to this shoot as I am to be coordinating and photographing it. I can’t wait to share the hard work from all of these vendors with you all early next month (and to show off some of my gorgeous friends who have volunteered as models!). So stay tuned for those pictures!


In other news, two of my friends got married this past weekend and are currently on their honeymoon (woot Cabo!). You’ll (hopefully!) see some pictures of them in the styled shoot next month, but in the meantime, I brought my camera along and snapped a few shots at their wedding. Look at this gorgeous guest book!


And just as a reminder: there’s two days left in the UMD Memory Photos giveaway!! If you haven’t yet, you may want to go ahead and enter–who knows, you might win!;)


xo jeana m

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